Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crush Rush

What can I say I am a teenage girl, same hormones and gossip as everyone else. I have tons of crushes too. Don't act surprised. Just cause I am the way I am doesn't mean I dont have a heart. Too bad the outside doesn't attract the boys and The inside doesn't keep them. Well, except for my guy friends but its not like that with them. They are like brothers. And that one guy who has been checking me out since december needs to do something. seriously. while his looks aren't what other people would call attractive, his smile makes my heart beat a million times a minute. I had to make the first move, now will he make the second one... please? stop teasing me with that smile.


Alisya Mora said...

awww Erica you are so deep if i reached inside i'd get sucked in (which i did)

you should write a poem of this one that ryhmes annoyingly but can ring as it spells a melody of passionate cake..YUM

btw thnx on the comment of my root canal. i am a girl grandmas would pinch my cheeks for ;p

Erica said...

hahah alysia
always grandma little girl

Alisya Mora said...

lol yes you've captured my ever mood of shaft XD
dang i wish i had sound effects..

well i consider this bono's my favorite ;D