Tuesday, May 27, 2008


you leave me so bereft. My dreams never match exactly the way I feel. The biggest surprise is that I still love you. I will never tell you. But I do. SO much sometimes that my chest hurts. Then there is pain from someone else. you both leave me so sad. I get so sad when I think of you. I know you probably never think of me anymore. Its been a year, but i dream and think about you all the time. The thing is, the type of love has changed.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008


boredom is a bitch, is it not? especially on mother's day? Like, i should be with my mother, but instead, I am here, typing, and, perhaps, no one will see what I type, making this pointless. But, who knows, maybe I will be less bored in a minute, an hour, or even a day..... time will tell

Haha, nice of you to stop in.

Nice of you to stop by and read this. Well, some back ground then, but only vague. Stalkers are scary people, no? And also, the things you could do with a computer these days, and what any employer might see. So I am going to be picky with what I give out.
Name is Erica.
I love to dance and sing.
I am young, but don't ask what age.
I want to move to a large city, like Boston, New York, or Paris.
I speak french, although not well or fluently.
I love my friends.
And I am open for any one to ask questions, but not stuff like where i live.