Tuesday, May 27, 2008


you leave me so bereft. My dreams never match exactly the way I feel. The biggest surprise is that I still love you. I will never tell you. But I do. SO much sometimes that my chest hurts. Then there is pain from someone else. you both leave me so sad. I get so sad when I think of you. I know you probably never think of me anymore. Its been a year, but i dream and think about you all the time. The thing is, the type of love has changed.


KeeperOfTheFaeries said...

aw...so sad...we should check out eachothers blogs yes?

i like this...why dont you tell...lol. who was this about anyways?

Erica said...

i think indeed we should
this was about someone whO i thought I loved but in reality i didn't love them becasue after all, I didnt know what love was